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What is artesian water? Artesian water meaning:

Natural artesian water comes from an underground “aquifer,” a rock in the earth’s surface that contains and transmits water. The aquifer is then penetrated to create a well from which we retrieve our water, rather than from more contaminated sources such as lakes and rivers.

What are the benefits of drinking natural artesian water over tap water?

Tap water often comes from water sources such as lakes and rivers, which contain contaminants that need to be filtered out (e.g. bacteria, various salts, and heavy metals like lead and mercury). Natural artesian drinking water has a superior balance of the proper minerals and nutrients important for your health. Nothing needs to be filtered out, and no chemicals need to be added.

What is an artesian well?

While the groundwater from an artesian well is just like any other kind of groundwater, the difference is in how it reaches the surface. While other wells require a pump to retrieve the water from underground, artesian wells are free flowing because there is enough pressure in the aquifer to force the water to the surface on its own.

Why is 7.8 PH the ideal PH level for water?

The natural PH level of the human body is about 7.4, which needs to be regulated. Water that contains a healthy PH level (7.2-7.8 PH) helps prevent imbalances in your body. Some water is overly alkaline, containing a PH level of 8 or 9. Other water may have a PH level below 7, which is considered acidic and have negative effects on your health, such as tooth decay.

What additives do some bottlers add to their water that Hayden Water Co. does not?

Unlike other water bottling companies, we do not alter our products with softeners, mineral injections, or chemical treatments. Our water is naturally pure and delicious!

What minerals are in artesian water?

Artesian water is the best for your body! The natural occurring minerals in artesian water can include potassium and magnesium, which are important for adrenal function. 

Are your bottles recyclable?

Absolutely! Hayden Water Co. is the environment’s best friend. We ask that you please recycle our bottles when you are finished with them.

Is Artesian Wells water okay to drink when on a low-sodium diet?

Yes. All of our water products are sodium free.

Is artesian water good for you?

Artesian water can be a good source of clean, natural water, which is beneficial for overall health and hydration. Drinking an adequate amount of clean water is essential for maintaining good health and overall well-being.

Is artesian water spring water?

No, artesian water is not the same as spring water, although both come from natural sources and are typically considered to be high-quality drinking water.

Artesian water comes from an artesian well, which is a well that taps into an aquifer that is confined between layers of impermeable rock or clay. The natural pressure within the aquifer pushes the water to the surface without the need for pumping. This natural upward flow is what characterizes artesian water.

Spring water comes from an underground source where water naturally flows to the surface of the earth. Springs can be the result of aquifers being exposed at the ground’s surface, or they can arise from other geological formations that allow water to seep through and emerge.

The main difference between the two lies in their sources and how the water reaches the surface. Artesian water relies on the natural pressure within a confined aquifer to flow to the surface, while spring water emerges due to geological formations that allow water to seep or flow out.

Where does artesian water come from?

Artesian water comes from a specific type of well known as an artesian well. These wells tap into underground aquifers, which are permeable rock formations or layers of sand or gravel that hold water.