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Bottled Water

Bottled Water Companies: Why Artesian Wells of Wisconsin for Your Bottled Water Delivery?

Taste the difference Nature Makes. You can trust Artesian Wells bottled drinking water for convenience, refreshment, and product quality. Our natural artesian water springs from a pure source, direct from Mother Earth herself in Plymouth, WI.

Bottled water delivery service from Hayden Water Co. is perfect for your home or office. We offer you our bottled artesian water in reusable and refillable* containers. For your convenience, we have:

  •  1, 3- and 5-Gallon Bottles
  •  Convenient Single-Serve Options
  • Hot and Cold Cooler Rentals Available — including AquaCafe!

* Whatever option you choose, you can count on a selection of bottled water service plans that fit your unique lifestyle or the needs of your business.

**Private Label Bottling Available.

Call or email us to look at all the choices available to you.

info@haydenwater.com or 920-892-4543

Our Bottled Water Products, Water Coolers & More

Artesian 1 Gallon Bottle

1 Gallon Natural Artesian Water

Perfect makeup of just the right natural minerals and a pH balance of 7.8.
Distilled 1-Gallon Bottle

1 Gallon Distilled Water

Pure distilled water with TDS levels below 1.0.
Purified Drinking 1 Gallon Bottle

1 Gallon Purified Water

Purified water using Reverse Osmosis or distillation.
Infant 1-Gallon Bottle

1 Gallon Infant Water

Ultra purified water for the little ones in mind.
Bonus Pack

Bonus Pack

15-16.9 oz bottles of Natural Artesian Water with sports cap top
5 gallon

5 Gallon Bottle

Natural Artesian Water or Distilled Water.

Water Cooler

Comes in black, white or stainless steel. Hot and Cold Water or Ambient and Cold Water Options.

Water Filtration Cooler

Free Standing Engineered specifically for high volume commercial use, the Horizons®3Gg features large capacity stainless steel hot and cold tanks to ensure that the correct temperature water is always available. Enhanced features include larger dispensing area to handle large containers, a removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray...

Counter Top Filtration Cooler

Big on features and small in size, the Horizons®CT is designed to fit on table or countertop. It dispenses both cold and hot water and with innovative iBoil technology, delivers extra hot water for tea, cooking noodles and soups. Where space is at a premium...

Bottle Racks

For home or office! Easily store our bottled water for space saving.
Hand Pump

Hand Pump

For 5 gallon water bottle! Great for camping and boating.


Bottled water or filtration cooler and single-serve coffee in a space-saving design. AquaCafe® offers so much more than water dispensing. It combines the AquaBarista™ and the AquaHost® in one compact and stylish unit that dispenses hot or cold water and barista quality coffee at the...


Single serve, still and sparkling cold beverages. Get still and sparking healthy cold beverages at the touch of a button. With 60,000 cycles, the Lavit™ beverage system is designed to support high volume demand. It offers a variety of drinks made from real fruit juice...