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Join the Cause

Hayden Water Co. has partnered with SAHA Global which empowers women in rural communities to solve their village's need for clean water by providing business opportunities.  Saha Global water entrepreneurs use local products to treat contaminated water from their community and make it safe to drink. They then sell this water at an affordable price.

At Saha, the mission goes beyond just setting up water treatment centers. Saha's main aim is to ensure that every individual in our partner communities has access to clean drinking water, ultimately improving their overall health. This requires a significant shift in behavior among community members, which is why we are committed to providing consistent follow-up support for a minimum of 10 years after a water business is established. Saha prioritizes sustainability and impact, only entering new communities when we have the necessary funding for this ongoing support. Our dedicated service delivery team provides continuous mentoring and training to Saha entrepreneurs, while also conducting home visits to educate families on the importance of clean water and address any challenges they may face in adopting this new habit. These visits not only help us gather valuable data on water quality and consumption but also enable us to offer tailored support to entrepreneurs as they navigate the complexities of running a water treatment center.

To date, SAHA Global has launched 78 clean water businesses which empower 191 women entrepreneurs who serve 40,900 people.

"Saha" is a term in Dagboni, the language spoken in Northern Region Ghana, that translates to "opportunity".